Deploy & Maintain

Deploy and Maintain

The project should now be ready for deployment for final testing and quality assurance. We will then deploy the website to your hosting server where a final check or launch check will be conducted. The project will await final approval. After the successful submission, it definitely undergo changes. We accommodate this too. Upon final approval the project will be published and delivered as agreed. The materials and all project files will be released to the client.

Mobile App Development

We understand the importance of Mobile Application and how it compliments the internet presence of our customers. At Amourab our accomplished designers and developers through the medium of the interactive mobile applications aim to make the lives of the entrepreneurs easier and smooth. Mobile applications we develop are robust in nature, promises the required user experience and has the strength to withstand required scale up to match up with future expectations. Our mobile applications are thebest way of promoting the product services and the specific online business in quicker and efficient manner. The applications are easy to download and can be easily operated from the mobile phones.